New Spires
Grayswood Avenue, Coventry, Warwickshire, CV5 8HJ
New Spires

Master of Cask - Karl Keable

  • Banks's Amber 3.8%

    Banks's Amber 3.8%

    "A full, clean, bitter tasting beer with malty and hoppy flavours and winey, fruity overtones".

    Bitter | 3.8%

    See: Amber
    Smell: Slightly Hoppy
    Taste: Dry Bitter Finish
    Bitter: • • •
    Sweet: • • •
  • Brakspear Oxford Gold

    Brakspear Oxford Gold

    Late Hopping with Goldings and fermentation by the brakspear yeast creates a remarkably zesty aroma, a full fruity flavour and a golden colour.

    ABV: 4.0%

    See: Pale Gold
    Smell: Floral, Citrus
    Taste: Orange, Honey
    Bitter: • • • •
    Sweet: • • •
  • Jennings Cocker Hoop 4.6%

    Jennings Cocker Hoop 4.6%

    "A bitter beer of great character, appealing to those drinkers who really appreciate their beer and are looking for quality. The name is derived from ‘Cock-a Hoop’, an old custom of removing the cock (or spigot) from a barrel and resting it on the hoop of the cask before commencing a drinking bout, but was changed to reflect the brewery’s location on the banks of the River Cocker".

    Premium Golden Bitter | 4.6%

    See Golden
    Smell: Fruity, spicy, hoppy
    Taste: hoppy, crisp, full
    Bitter: • • •
    Sweet: • • 1/2
  • Marston's 61 Deep | 3.8%

    Marston's 61 Deep | 3.8%

    New World Pale Ale is born out of the craft and culture imbued in Pedigree, the Great British Ale; combined with the fresh flavours of Australia.

    Style: Pale Ale
    Colour: Golden
    ABV: 4.0%
    Smell: Malty citrus
    Taste: full bodied, malty, crisp

  • Marston's Pedigree

    Marston's Pedigree

    "Pedigree has a fascinating aroma and palate of biscuity malt, spicy hops and light fruit, all overlain by the famous salty, sulphury note that comes from the spring waters of the Trent Valley".

    Premium Bitter | 4.5%

    See: Golden
    Smell: Burton Sulphur
    Taste: Dry, biscuity, malt, spicy, hop
    Bitter: • • 1/2
    Sweet: • • 1/2
  • Ringwood Boondoggle | 4.2%

    Ringwood Boondoggle | 4.2%

    "Boondoggle is a blonde and luscious 4.2% ale. Brewed with the finest English Pale malt, First Gold and Fuggles hops. Boondoggle delivers a well balanced moreish fruity taste. Any excuse for that Boondoggle moment."

    Golden Ale | 4.2%

    See: Golden
    Smell: Hoppy, citrus
    Taste: Fruity
    Bitter: • •
    Sweet: • • •
  • Lancaster Bomber | 4.4%

    Lancaster Bomber | 4.4%

    Has a big burnt fruit note, raisins and sultanas on the nose with malt loaf and peppery hops. Bitter, spicy hops, burnt fruit and toasted malt dominate the palate followed by a bittersweet finish with rich malt, spicy hops and dark fruit.

    Premium Bitter | 4.4%
    See: Deep copper
    Smell: Toffee, biscuit
    Taste: Moreish, rich, bitter
    Bitter: • • • • Sweet: • • •
  • Wainwright 4.1%

    Wainwright 4.1%

    "A delicious, invigorating beer. If you like hoppy ale, or even if you normally drink lager, we think you’re sure to enjoy Thwaites Wainwright."

    Exquisite Golden Ale | 4.1%

    See: Pale straw
    Smell: Fruit, citrus
    Taste: Fruit, sweet, citric, refreshing
    Bitter: • • 1/2
    Sweet: • • • • 1/2